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Armadillidium c.f. Pallasii (formerly Frontisotre) Croatian Giant Isopods

Armadillidium c.f. Pallasii (formerly Frontisotre) isopods are one of the largest Armadillidium species, reaching close to 1" as adults. They're a beautiful dark coloring and covered in tiny bumps. Babies start out much lighter and darken as they grow. Breed quite well once established. They're big eaters and enjoy their protein! We keep our at a 30/70 (damp/dry) ratio.

Isopod Depot isopods are cultured on our Isopod Mix Substrate. We feed 2 times a week, alternating our various Iso Chow Food Blends and supplement cuttlebone, egg shells, oyster shells, limestone, and moss. 

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